The KISSLING Group was originally founded in 1945 near Stuttgart, Germany, and has grown to become an internationally-recognized supplier of specialized high power relays and switches. For over 70 years, KISSLING has continuously built its reputation for innovative design and the application of leading edge technology, coupled with an uncompromising dedication to quality. 

Throughout its history, KISSLING has remained an owner-operated company which preserves the flexibility and ethical business values necessary to guarantee reliable business relationships and long-term success.

Our adherence to the highest quality standards and our consistent customer orientation are the basis for both the development and production of our standard products and exclusive customer-specific solutions. The famous KISSLING power relays and switches are unique in terms of reliability for mission-critical applications.

KISSLING Elektrotechnik GmbH, located in Wildberg, Germany, is our main development site. Our highly-motivated employees create innovative new developments to ensure, together with our ultra-modern laboratory and testing facilities, the proverbial KISSLING quality.

KISSLING Service GmbH, located in Koblenz, Germany, is a valued partner in the installation and maintenance of vehicles, containers and components. Our specialization in the development and production of installation kits and harnesses as well as the overhaul of electrical, hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic components is always up to date according to the prevailing industry standards and manufacturers' specifications.

Today, KISSLING has an international focus with additional manufacturing facilities supporting the needs of our customers through its own worldwide network of sales entities and distributors.